Monday, April 5, 2010

Bad day! I should of stayed in the house!

Don't you hate it when you do something embarassing and have to hear about afterwards. Well today I went to movies to Clash of Titans 3D. I sat there most of the time kinda as I was looking for some epic 3D effects, but was dissapointed. I've been to a movie with awesome 3D effects and that wasn't it. Anyway then while doing the movie I went excuse myself and went to nearest doorway I saw and turns ot it was the emergency exit! I qucikly closed it and try to sneak to other doorway, but was welcome by my annoying, childish uncle who found it so amusing and probably other people were laughing at my dumbness as the door was ligthed when I opened it so I feel like a idiot. My uncle constant laughter about it didn't help either so I will become anti-social and stay in house from now on. He's way older then me, but he acts so stupid. Anyway I got mad at my father so now I feel like a idiot and a asshole because he did nothing wrong. It's bad enough I been the butt of evey joke in high school so can I get a break. I'm turning 21 in July, but I feel like awkward teenager at times and out of place. I don't like Rap music much, but pretty much everybody around me does and I just don't carry myself like some people my age do and well it sucks. I been thinking of these thing the last few days as I'm always hearing Rap music now outside and makes me want to scream! Like the same songs over and over too! Rap is dead to me and it's annoys me now. Then people around my age are so loud and females my age are so danm catty! Agh! This whole day depresses me! I'll be better tomorrow. *sigh*


  1. i feel the same way alot of the time. awkward and anti social and terrified of doing somthing stupid and getting laughed at...
    and i also cant stand rap music. simply despise it. eck..

    so i relate

  2. Vid hon I'm older than you and I don't act my age...I feel like a kid at heart and I make no excuses for it. You made a mistake and if you want give me your uncles information and I will come by and smack him around a bit!! :-)

  3. Vid, I'm so so sorry to hear about your bad day. Try not to worry too much about the bathroom thing -- we've all got our silly embarrassing stories lol.

    As far as the rap music, well, you're definitely entitled to feel how you feel about it. I personally only have an issue with this new plastic, Disnified commercial bubblgum-crap stuff they CALL music these days. I'd much rather hear rap music than some of these tweeeney plastic pop bands or solos (the only music I don't like at all is Metal, and even then there might be one song on the show Metalacalypse that's good).

    Don't ever feel bad for not "acting your age". Eventually you'll have to learn to love your own skin and your own being, and really not even regard other people's ideals and conformity. You'll rise above it -- it's hard now, but stay at it. You'll get there.

  4. I once unknowingly walked into a men's room (somehow managing to miss the urinals), used the bathroom, and was on my way out when I finally saw a man come in and realize my mistake. Ack! I have a more embarrassing story that happened in front of my whole school but there's waayy too much background to tell.

    Anyway, I totally understand the rap thing and the just feeling awkward and not fitting in thing, but I feel like there is something to be said for not being the cookie cutter pop culture diva type many are now. Hope that helps :)

  5. I<3 u guys! ^_^ For one rap thing everyone wants to sound like T-pain and depise him! Rap is snnyoing at the moment for me and its not too many good artist out. I been listening to alot different music and when i hear Rap I can't stand it now. Anyway I feel better. I've done alot embarassiing things in school too JKAmaryllis. XD

  6. I always feel the same !!!! I hate rap music too !! Im feeling like I should meet u :D lol !! and hey we all go through these days, when we are depressed and sad, but i always try to forget every bad thing happenes to me, coz it only makes me feel sad and nothing else ;) so love ur life and feel safe in ur own skin

  7. Most Rap music has THE SAME EXACT BEAT. It annoys me to no end. And when there is a perfectly good song that is actually Pop, the artist goes and ruins the song with a Rap part! GAH okay rant over.


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