Saturday, April 10, 2010

EA, is that your final answer?

It got cut off, but here is the whole post:
Am I to understand, and please Guru's correct me if I am wrong, that blog's are now a topic that is to NOT be discussed here on the ts3 forums? I mean if that's true then you are going to have to do a full spring cleaning of past and present as well as cull, delete whatever you want to call it siggy's with various blogs mentioned and directly linked to either their own or others blog's.
Now I gonna write the rest of this with the impression, and due to recent events that you truly don't want us to mention 'blog's'. And I am totally stumped. I reread the rules and NO WHERE does it state that 'thou shalt not mention or advertise thou blog'.
So is this a NEW rule? And if it's a new rule, why is it being enforced without warning. Back to the banhammer swinging away at this and that like an angry old lady with a fly swatter.
I'm so totally confused on this matter and with due respect to ME I'd ask for a response rather a locked thread or ban. How can you enforce something with NO warning?!
I am one of the grownups on this site and I am having a truly hard time understanding the way you are choosing to not run this site, but to RULE it. You are giving the members little to no choice on anything regarding this forum.
Why would it be now wrong for us to mention blog's? I think I and the many other forum members deserve a straight answer. Have you guys actually traveled to some of the blogs that members have made. I've not been to one (And I've visited many) that was in some way or fashion NOT a sim related on point,so why deny them the pleasure of discussing their SIM RELATED BLOG'S?
Have you noticed just how many blog's there are out there now that are sim related? So now, they can't discuss their blog's, don't you think that will deter others from NOT making blog's but NOT visiting this forum? It's a no win situation when you try to remove our personal lives from something as mundane as a simple forum.
We have no pm, no chat, banned for posting our very own emails on threads, and you make the only way of communication to be sending a gift! Oh ea made sure to make it so a 'message' could be included with the gift but it's a darn shame that you have to pay to actually speak to your fellow simmers.
So now you say, no blog mention, what has this site become?
We have so many NEW names and so little old names that are on this site now. What happens, which it has already on several occasions, the newbies running in and running wild with NO clue what is accepted and what is not. There are so few of the more experienced members left to actually help them out, show them the ropes so to speak. The few left on here are trying to help aid the newer members but it's a very big task and then at times it turns into one of those threads that just gets out of control.
(don't see many of those locked...)
So I'd like an answer, actually some answers since I've posted more than one question.
Will you take the time to read and respond to this before you lock, delete and/or ban me?
Will you show me at least an ounce of respect, respect that I more than deserve being a member of this forum, being a patron of your store?
I have 2 children, there is no way on earth I would ever punish my children without a reason why that has already been clarified before the actual crime. And even then I think they would deserve a 'warning' before said punishment was inacted.
Eagerly awaiting your response.
Cece made that thread in hopes to get a reponse out of the mods. To finally get this whole "blogs links are not allowed" rumor settled, after Firestar was banned for linking her blog it seems.
Of course someone had to pop in quoting the rules:

I didn't know Zolt was a mod? Amazing! Sounds just like one of those pricks/mods! Firestar post one thread about her new sim related  blog and she was banned with no warning, Zolt. The thread did get postive feedback:

But then the answer we were finally wating for:
Ok. That's it? Typical EA answer. Well Poptwart locked it for fear that she would be eaten alive for her lack of decent answer. Then Cece decided to make another in reponse:

The first part is about right CloverStarDropper.They can't admit they're wrong! Can't even act like they are concern. Well the news traveled to Megan's blog thread. Zolt, the wannabe mod could never believe EA would make a mistake it seems, but Dolphinz put him in his place.

Here's a tip: Zolt if you haven't read the email, then don't fucking assume! Thank you for trying to help, but no thanks.
Check out her blog for the email and well to say hello to Firestar.


  1. "Obviously she was banned for more than that."

    Oh really? It's nice you saw the email. Yea, I always go around trolling and leaving smart ass comments on every thread, like a little bitch.
    Urgh. My fist wants to go through the computer screen and knock his teeth out. :/

  2. They're so annoying these days. Honestly. I'd like to download PopTart's Avatar to torture it, but her Sim isn't worth downloading.

  3. lol He's worth it. Your break the computer screen. XD That guy is annoying!

  4. lol go cece get those gurus XD

  5. Poptart cam off as a total airhead on that thread.

    Cece is my fuckin hero XD

  6. But most people's blogs aren't 100% sim-related -- we all talk about other shit too, so does that fall under the "personal" or "Sims 3" category? And what if I mentioned Sims 2 in my blog -- would it no longer be Sims 3-related?

    And Zolt can kiss somebody's ass -- does he have any IDEA how many people have literally been banned for NOTHING? It's happened hundreds of times, I'm sure. Happened to me too.

    It never ends, does it...?

  7. i do not like that zolt douchefaggery! >:-( thats so fuckin gay that firestar got banned for no fuckin reason!

    you PISS me off EA! yet another reason why im boycotting that screwed up company. they really need to get their heads outa their asses and learn how to treat their PAYING customers! >>:-(

  8. @ kellor-Poptwat's avatare looks like an airhead! i guess it fits her well! what a fuckin ditz.

  9. I saw this post on Mare's just a bit ago and went to read the actual forum post on it. Love how people who haven't obviously looked at the blogs say something. I know I don't post much on here, but I keep up with all of you guy's blogs (yes I'm a lurker) and they are all full of awesome as firestar's apparently banworthy blog puts it. I think the forums are getting ridiculous and just when I start getting more interested in posting. Sucks.


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