Friday, April 30, 2010

It's Friday, so where is the OT thread mods?

Not that I care about the mods stinky little OT thread, I did notice it wasn't up top on the board today and no one was asking, so I made a thread asking where was it!
Thought I might of missed the thread. Even thought I had my days wrong again, but I wasn't alone.

Apparently after only a few months EA is already screwing up with the Friday OT thread and gawd, how hard is to make a thread and pop in a few times? I never really post in those stupid little threads, but I know they bring alot people joy. After adding thier stupid little marketning scemes: twitter, facebook, and badges to avatars, they have forgot the one thing that has made some simmers really happy. If they can do one thing right, it should have the thread up every Friday as promise. Well I decided to call EA out on thier bullshit and I've got no answers from any of the mods as they seem to avoid me like a virus or delete my threads. Aw, mods don't be scared! I don't bite! Biting Smiley (Evil) Pictures, Images and Photos

Anyways it seems they are either too smug about the recent little pointless changes they made, to make a OT thread or they are too busy thinking of next way they will get simmers to bring their wallets out..... or maybe they're just slacking on the job again! Who knows!
Slacking for Dummies Pictures, Images and Photos
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  1. they dont have anything to promote this week i guess


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