Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A special post for tonight and the last of any of this!

He wrote a new profile? I saw this last night:

Wow who knew? omg smiley Pictures, Images and Photos *snickers*
Also if you try to say I did it and that this is slander. Please refer back to your slanderous page, in this post. Also your too young to think about court. Get a life and grow up! What you wrote wasn't deleted and the text in this screen shot was (well after awhile *snickers*), so consider yourself lucky! Now I'm done giving you attention! Be gone! Have fun hooking on the streets!


  1. OMG!! I've seen this guy's name on TS3, The Sims 3 Main forum!!! Weird!!! Well I guess if you are going to tell about yourself that's one way to do it...on wiki nevertheless. never know who is in the same forum with you do you? Glad I saw this, I know now to stay clear of him on the forums!
    Many thanks for sharing this!

  2. i still laugh every time i see that! LOL

  3. Well.....that was interesting!!!?? LOL

  4. i still dont kno who did it? (snickers) still makes me laugh too Kelle. ;-) whoever did it should win a medal!


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