Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jack, you can't hide from the fail!

Well I was going to leave this whole anonymous thing(prev. comment also above) alone, but then I got another lovely comment (under my puppy post) and died of laughter!

Well the wiki itself didn't amuse me as we all I know I loves the Mare and I don't approve of this at all. It's pretty immature and disgusting to say the most:

Anyway I went snooping like Mare did (even though it was pretty obvious who made it) and found out who made the ridiculous page:
Jack4740! You've been snooping on my blog?! Playing with Google again I see. Did Mare make you a dull boy? You took the time to make a dramanica page to bash Mare! Someone needs a hobby and a girlfriend! Obsessed much? Who's the stalker now? You just keep giving us bloggers ammo!
Epic Facepalm Pictures, Images and Photos
Jacky old boy please take the time to leave my blog...even though your constant failure does amuse me!
Update: I'm ignoring you! I don't argure with 17 year olds!


  1. Just when you thought people couldn't get any more pathetic... If I roll my eyes much more they're gonna fall out.

  2. Aw Jack your back! Oh how lovely! lesbian bimbo? no not really. u wish. thanks though.

  3. ..."Read your writes and suck"...?

  4. anonymous you moron, do you have nothing better to do than start drama with people who play the sims? Go get a life.

  5. Lol, @ this jack off. His master unchained him from the wall, yo. So, he decided to troll your blog. Let the fucker cream all over his computer screen from thinking his posts are totally awesome.

  6. what a fucking douchebag. thing of all of the good it would do if one of the people he has pissed off did him in? Hey troll. GROW UP


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