Friday, April 23, 2010

I hope Mare don't mind! Look out for my own awards!

At end of the year I might make post awarding people for things they did on the forum. Only my awards will be the broke version of Mare's meaning no gifts will be giving out as by the end year as I will be out of points. XD It will be called  Vidkid20's Lair awards! (the broke version of Mare's)
-Epic fail/facepalm award: the simmer who failed the most, failed trolls
-EA's biggest fail/screw up: a moment when EA failed the most/ fucked up bad! The mod's antics more so.
-Troll of the year
-FTW award: winning moments
-Worst ban award: the most unfair and shocking ban of the year
- Ban worthy award: Trolls who got banned or said something deserved a ban
-The no not you Random, but random award: The most ROFL random comment (pending)
-Honorable mention: for simmers who came close to winning or deserved to be mentioned
-Dishonorable mention: for trolls who came close to losing
- Lolwut award: for those moments you were like wut?! (pending)

I might not do some of these depending how the year goes. If I do it, it will be alway in December, but when it get's close I will have you vote on them which will go into my decision. I'm bored right now and this has been swirling in my head for awhile since Mare did it and made my own blog. I might make one dedicated to them, but I'm not sure what kind award it will be. I also want one refering to all the blogs out now. I don't want "who has the best blog" type of award because I couldn't bring myself to pick as I love all of them. Have to think about it.
Anyway most candidates will be people who've been mentioned in my blog and I have ran across. It will be center around the EA forum and  Cstyles Sims3 forum.
Beware! *evil laugh*
If I think of anymore I'll let you know!


  1. Ohh i'll be looking forward to this ;D

  2. Ooooo, vidkid has captured firestar's interest. :o
    Firestar can't wait. :]


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