Friday, April 23, 2010

ELPIDIA forgot to take her medicine again! *updated*

While else where, while that thread being deleted...

Oh how lovely! Asking for our feedback when you just said you hate everyone.
Well she than made another "I hate everyone thread"
This one lasted a little longer, as Joeboss said 10 minutes...
Then this thread came shorty afterwards...
Well pretty much everyone thought some screws were loose as comment came flying in and then things got stranger....

Oh no! Hacked again? This is the second time she claimed to be hacked and well whoever is hacking her account must be a hell of hacker or she must be really careless or kinda stupid. Well I've been hacked on a account before and it took me only a few minutes to learn my lesson. Being hacked twice is a little unbelievable which why I think Wenesday and Jix summed it up....
I so agree.
crazy Pictures, Images and Photos
Update (sorry forgot this part):
Then shorty after that...
Oh really?! MMMM..ban hammer!
THE BAN HAMMER Pictures, Images and Photos
Well most were shocked by this news:
While lehdlkat gave her a reasonable explanation...
Well said!
By the way....
Talk about split personalities! omg smiley Pictures, Images and Photos *whistles and slowly backs away*


  1. BiPolar much? Is what I'd have to say to her. She is a couple of slices short of a full loaf of bread!!

  2. I'm actually a little sad that the thread was deleted. It was kind of entertaining. lol

  3. OMG..kuckoo bird I think somebody forgot their lithium this morning.... O_O

  4. awwww she was banned? what fun will there be NOW on the ea forum? lol
    she sure was asking for it tho.. i dont get it. she started out harmless enough, but last few weeks shes been on a mission to annoy


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