Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's 1AM and all is well...

I should have a new celebrity sim for you tomorrow and maybe another sim if I have time! The celeb sim should be up though as I've been working on him for awhile now. He was way harder than Brad Pitt. I'm going look him over one more time then I will share.
Also noob mediafire question : Please tell me when you download one of my sims from mediafire/this blog do you get the CC? I hope so! Please tell me because if not I will figure out how to correct that!  I need to know this so leave a comment please!
Anyway see ya later!


  1. hmm i havent actualy played the sims in a while so im not sure if your sims came intact. ill have to go look

  2. ok. i really hope u get the cc as that is one reason i wanted to upload my stuff to mediafire.


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