Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Keep your friends close and the electronics asses nearer!

I have to say it's refreshing to see a guru on the board more and I do feel they should be more involved. I was shock to see airhead Poptart make a thread. Trying to do damage control before Ambition comes out I see? Anyway if this had happen a few days ago doing my rant mode I would have bashed her in a sneaky way on that thread, but I let her be buddy buddy with me. As long as I get a gift out of it! Hehe! Am I hypocrite? Maybe, but I enjoy seeing the mods get down on their knees and beg like the bitches because this is what they are doing. Trying to get on our good sides. Ever since all goodbye threads and specifically Kelle's thread we be getting oh we want you guys to be happy shit. How about add pm because adding friends has no real point to it and your only trying to distract us from the real problems. How about moderate for once! Well let them beg and I hope to see a gift soon, but if I get nothing then the delete button will be quite useful. Do you really think I sold out! Noooooo! I'm only in it for the gifts! Beg bitches! Beg! *snickers* Let hope Poptart the airhead doesn't read my blog till I get my gift.
Also if I get something I'll let you know. I like that she is trying, but it's a little too late. It was all just big ad if you look at it really and we don't need any more of those either!
Do you get what I'm doing though? I'm using her so I'm not a hypocrite, but if you got a problem comment me! What do you think?
Update: By the way I was hoping airhead Poptart would gift me the hair I wanted since she wants to offer aka buy her friends, but hippiedippie did. Thanks hippiedippie!


  1. I thought it seemed incredibly scripted and fake. =/
    btw the guy's Emo hair is pretty sweet.

  2. Just clearing this up but I meant poptart's post, not you posting on the thread lol

  3. lol i figure u were talking about her. im about to look at the new hair in a min. check out the mare. they talk about it too. i hope the Mare knows I'm only using her airheadness for gifts.

  4. I had a long comment, but it accidentally got deleted...ugh.

    Basically I was saying that I get what you're saying & doing, but I'm not sure it'll have the impact you want or send the message you want. As much as we'd like them to be doing so, the Gurus are not on their hands & knees licking our asses -- they get paid just the same, rain or shine, sunshiney Forum or not. Yeah, the brass probably advised them to try to raise morale around there, but people are naturally fickle -- eventually the fever will die down and things will be more like normal over there.

    Look at Ambitions -- you're probably buying it, right? As pissed of as Kelle is, she's buying it too. So am I, and so is everyone else. Look how much revenue that generates for EA -- they're not really worried about a few people on the Forum speaking out. People used to do that all the TIME on the TS2 site, and how much has changed since then? On the contrary, things have gotten WORSE. The Gurus aren't in control of much more than moderating the forum, so they really have no need to kiss anything, unfortunately. It SUCKS BALLS, but that's how it is.

    I don't want to see you get your hopes up that we're getting back and them and that you're using PopTwat and making her pay or making her kiss our asses or anything else -- this is just another ploy, no more, no less. I got a friend request from her, and I don't even know how to respond. I can't communicate with Forum friends anyway with no PM or comment system, so what's the point? I sure as hell don't want her funky ass SimPoints -- I'm pretty broke now, but not so strapped for cash that I can't get my own shit (not to mention that there are many other ways to get that stuff...). So it's pointless...friend her, don't friend her, what's the difference, really? It's all so annoying...but I get what they're trying to do.

    At any rate, I still say Viva la Revolucion. Maybe some day we can institute some TRUE change, but it's not going to happen with this particular route. Take care girl.


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