Sunday, April 11, 2010

Nasty little bugger are we?!
Cece's thread and the people on there made me so angry I want throw something! I want to reach though the computer screen! The one person who got me beyond piss is this little wart:
Telling people to shut up because you think they are whinning is imature!
Anyway I responded with saying "very mature." Thats all I said. Then I got your 13 so how do you know about maturity shit? I'm not 13 you idiot! I'm 20 going on 21! It's quoted below!
I don't act it! Who made you judge of maturity you little prick!

You were rude! Good day to YOU! Be gone!

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Also if you by any chance you like this rude lttile asswipe, continue. Not any of my bussiness, but she can jump off a cliff for all I care! Also (Wizard whatever your name) if by any chance your reading this (probably not and I don't mind, stay off my blog), it's opened for comments! I don't care if you don't like it! You should watch your mouth!


  1. That forum is so full of drama. Someone could post "hello" and some idiot would turn it into a war. It's entertaining, don't get me wrong. XD

  2. ha yea it is entertaining. but sometimes it's like damn people quit. no need to start a damn war over this. =/

  3. I swear to god WizardofSmoz is a liitle twit.

    While I was reading that, I wanted to punch her in the face.

  4. That WizardOfSmoz pisses me off to the extreme she thinks she can go around and say and do whatever she wants but she looks like a complete troll and spammer when she does!

  5. Hehehe. XP
    My apologies VidKid. I think I must have been having a bad day or something!


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