Thursday, April 8, 2010

Let me clear up something about yesterday friend crap!

I really do wish EA and their mods were a caring type of company. If they were I wouldn't mind adding the gurus at all. Part of me really wishes they weren't out for cash, that they did care, and well I was hoping Poptwart would gift me if I befriended her, but she didn't. I was also hoping she would answer my question about pm, but she didn't. I deleted her anyway so I feel better now. I despise EA! I really do wish they would get their act together. *sigh* Ok now I'm going to check out the forums. I hope I see something post worthy. Still working on a few sims too.
Also sorry if I offended my fellow EA haters!


  1. Don't you just LOVE how I asked Hydra on her OT Fridays sticky why Spain gets an OT section and we don't, and I never got an answer?

  2. typical. i asked the same thing awhile ago and got nothing.


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