Saturday, April 3, 2010

Alejandro-New sim!

Alejandro Roberto. His whole name comes from a certain song by a certain wacky female artist. hehe. Go gaga for latest smexy male sim! ^_^
- Kitty Klan facial hair
-Nightlight eyes at Garden of shadow
-Aikea Guinea skin and leather pants
-Peggy hair
*Johna's CAS sliders at MTS*


  1. Love him! The second I saw the name and face I thought of the song! Good job! :D

  2. He's very smexy! And although I've heard of it, I believe that is the only lady gaga song I've never actually heard O_O

  3. lol what? i love that song! thank you guys. ^_^

  4. u should check it out. its on her new album fame monster.


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