Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mare like my shirt! Hello!

It's said Mare's Nest! Got it from your site. I know you didn't make it.  I hope you make some better ones that are clearer! Might be just the game though. lol

The reason for this post is I wish it was a way to say hello to you guys! I think having a chat with you be so interesting, but I know the danm trolls! I think I have pm me here (I'm so new to blogs lol) and I won't say a word if you pm me. You probably can't though. If I get the ep who do you want me to gift because I want to give you something. I will probably get it on my birthday on July12th and hopefully my danm points work! I hope you like my blog! Just wanted to say hi! Just a simple  hi and keep doing what  your doing!  ^_^
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I edit this alot because it's my blog danm it!

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