Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Senior High: Model Bootcamp- Finale Scores

Keep forgetting to post this....
Runner up!

Ashley, you were such a fun girl to watch throughout the competition. You came to us as a stumbling tomboy and you used that to its advantage. Yes, you tapped into your feminine side on occasion, but your tomboy appeal really set you apart. You have transformed from an unconfident girl to a force to be reckoned with. You will do very well in the modeling world – your strong backbone will really come in handy when you get into photoshoots, but don’t let your immaturity get in the way. You have matured, but your silliness is still there. I loved your final portfolio (especially your editorial) and think that you have blossomed. Excellent work, be proud of yourself!

You've had some crazy ups and downs during boot camp but I think you've become a pretty good model! Your portfolio is pretty nice and I especially love your goddess shoot. The one I'm not loving? The cause shoot. I love that you took the time the others didn't to add in lettering to simulate an advertisement, but the flower and random ribbons flying around really take away from you as a model and are kind of jarring. Almost a bit over-done. Whoever did your hair in that one kind of did a sloppy job, too, but that's not your fault... well, unless you're the one who did it.

I win! No wait I got 2nd. Yeah I'm not surprised, so yayyyyyy! Chell had it in the bag. Everything she did was practically flawless!

I'm surprised my editorial photo wasn't the weakness. I thought it would be. I thought the "make a statement" photo was kinda fabulous, but maybe I overdid it. It was an experiment anyway. The goddess photo didn't turn out like I wanted exactly, but I was hoping it would get me over the hump. Ah well!

Next assignment is to stop joining comps and focus on other stuff. I'm about to finish up my Simply Twisted comp and I'm judging Face Off for Beech, but that's about it. I actually have no pics due or anything, which is nice for a change. :)

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