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Dead On Arrival: Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Blood of an Innocent
I hesitated. I watched his eyes open slowly. I heard an awful low sound escape his lips. Before I could make a move I watched him bite into the arm of the fragile Sarah. Horror grace her pale freckled face. Gary, her fiance was no innocent man. Not anymore. He was a mindless creature with a hunger for flesh. A walker.

Sarah’s bloodcurdling screams filled the room as panic set in. She yanked her arm away spraying blood everywhere. She ran to the other side of the room leaving me with her now dead fiance. He grabbed me almost knocking me down pushing me against the wall, but I quickly changed our positions. I snatched my belt from my pants loops and pushed the walker against the wall. My belt in its jaws. Omar and Wade stood by frozen in their spots.

“Don’t just stand there! Help me,” I angrily shouted struggling to hold back the bigger frame walker.

“Do you want me to help hold him back?” Madison asked appearing behind me.

“No. Not you…” I said breathless.

She looked insulted and folded her arms. “I’m not some weak woman you know…”

“Yeah OK already…. just find something sharp! A weapon. Anything!”

Madison scanned the room. Omar ran over to the stretcher over to side, but it didn’t budge as he pulled and push at it. Wade ran to the door and began pounding on it as he shouted for help. Lin seemed to be only one close to calm as she remained seated watching me with a worried expression. Madison stopped in her tracks eyeing her as a thought seemed to cross her mind.

I was a bit preoccupied with my own thoughts as beads of sweat began to form on my face. I was losing strength as I restrained the monster before me. “Help me for fuck sakes!” I called feeling my knees give in.

I fell with the walker pinning me under him. His mouth freely bit at the air inches away from my face. I squirmed trying to free myself, but it was no use. Then I saw a…high heel. Madison raised the shoe and sunk the heel into his skull. She practically jump on its back as she pushed it deeper into its head. Only when the walker remained still did she fell off his back onto the floor breathing heavily.

“Did you…a fucking shoe?” I asked in disbelief. 

She rolled over laying flat on her back beside me and smiled. “Well I guess fashion does kill doesn’t it?”

“Lady, are you nuts?“

“Yeah. Are you nuts?! Those were $800 Metal Heel Christian Louboutin red bottom shoes from Italy!!!” Lin interjected standing over us both furious.

I lifted my head up and stared at her, “You kidding right?”

“Shit. Fuck some shoes right now! We got another problem. Sarah. She’s bit.” Omar shouted from across the room.

Sarah laid on the floor moaning in pain and shivering. Blood pour from her arm. Me and Madison got up in unison exchanging hopeless expressions.

“Well that’s great. Another one. How about we do the right thing this time and put her out of her misery before she infects us all!” Wade said eyeing me as he said it.

“Fuck you, Wade!” Madison roared. “None of us knew if he would turn or not. Matthew did the right thing….“

She smiled at me. “Can I borrow your belt? We may can’t cure her, but we can slow it down. Keep it from getting in her bloodstream and keep her from bleeding out at least.”

“Yeah or we can cut the arm off. She would probably have a better chance.”

Sarah looked at me with an alarmed expression. Her eyes ready to well up in a flood of tears again, but Madison patted her on her back comforting her while shooting me a look of annoyance.

Wade smirked staring at us both. I scowled back at him and sat down bowing my head. I had probably said too much, but I had failed her just like my sister. The look on Sarah’s face mirrored hers. The fear, the uncertainty, the sadness. All I wanted to do was help. Do more than I did before. If only I hadn’t hesitated for Sarah’s sakes. Had I really done the right thing?

“I think someone’s coming,” Omar excitedly whispered as he clung to the door now with Wade beside him. The echoes of footsteps grew louder. Then they stop and the locks on the door clicked.

“Oh thank goodness. About time you showed….hey,” I heard Omar said as I lifted my head just in time to see them grab him by the arm.

More men enter the room grabbing each one of us by force. When they grab me they practically push me out the room, but I caught a glimpse of Sarah.

She was the only one who seemed to be allowed to stay put. One man knelled down examining her arm and the other stood by with a riffle in his hand. Then I heard them. Sounds that would send shivers down my spine. Sarah’s crying, then the distinct sound of a gunshot, and then nothing.

No poll for this chapter! Your choice did cause Sarah to die, but you won over Madison and didn’t scare the rest away.

P.S. This chapter took longer than I wanted with all the action. *sigh* I suffer for my craft. xD

B/w Madison is the MacGuyver of the Apocalypse I know. :P

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