Saturday, October 2, 2010

Vidkid20's Sim Lair awards:The LOL/WTF award nominees

The LOL/WTF award
For those moments that make us say WTF, LOL!

SR/SimRomanov's blog: The Mare and Google Fail me post

Fast Lane in Norwegian

chocolateaddicts' Party of Poles and men

Lady Vamp: The Job Guru

Watch where you put that swing?!

Any sugesstions? Fail and facepalm award next. If not tonight, Tuesday. Sunday and Monday will days off from this. xD Just to warn you EA has a lot of them!


  1. oh wow its me..

    omg im so gload someone has pictures of westies party..that was

  2. I'd heard about Westie Sexy Party, but only caught a few pics from when she grabbed one for her Avi. It's great to see those, they're hysterical!

  3. omg i remember that pole party thread that was so !#@ funny i was laughing for hours! lol

    and that fast lane in Norwegian thing just almost made me spit my coffee all over the screen!

  4. I need to stop coming here, I'm gonna pee myself from laughter...

  5. I must thank you for including me, Im almost certain its why mares saw my blog


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