Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm ready for Late Night!!!!

I just finished crawling around on the floor unhooking my computer and blowing compressed air inside. Was my first time doing that and my allergies are going nuts! Agh! Well, LN better install and update right or I'm going be VERY mad with EA. I better not see uncompatitble pop up! Hopefully, I have no problems. I'm extremely worried it won't install right.

Anyway, I have new idea for a comp with Late Night coming out! It's going be opposite of Vanity and whole new thing. First, I have to see if it's possible when I play LN myself tomorrow. Then if it is, I might have do Vanity and that at the same time. Aha, it's such a good idea I want to try it out and think I can handle 2. We'll see!

Thanks to Doodlesam for helping me fix the crashes I was having. If have NVIDIA Geforce GTS 240 video card, check it out.,15585.0.html

3booter and FPS limiter(First two posts)

Hopefully it works for Late Night also. :)


  1. Yep. I pre-ordered Late Night, but I can't get it until the weekend. Sadly, I don't have to go pick it up during the week.

  2. *I don't have TIME to go pick it up during the week.

    Why can't we edit comments lol?

  3. I'll be running to the store this morning for LN and then I'll shut down my PC and clean it. I've neglected my PC this month. I have dust allergies too so I will suffer a horrendous headache later if I'm not careful.


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