Saturday, October 30, 2010

I just told SuzetteR what she needed to hear...

She been nothing, but rude! As I always say you can have a opinion, but don't be ass about it! Well I just told her something I don't regret!

If I get banned, I have a backup. I don't want to, but I couldn't hold that in.

P.S. She hasn't posted back in that thread since I said that. I don't care what bile she has to say to me. She needs to f'ing calm down and shut up. Stop trolling all the LN complaint threads being rude.


  1. Suzetter is even more annoying on the MTS boards. She's been complaining since they announced that there was no mic.
    Which was months ago,
    I mean grilled cheesus, get ovet it!!

    The list of things she won't stop whining about, is as large as her inflated sense of self.

    And she's crazy rude to everyone who disagrees with her, implies that they are mindless idiots.
    And her proof?
    Well the fact that they don't agree with her, obviously :/

    I still don't understand how Cleric got banned for being an a*hole, but she hasn't for being a [insert any nasty word].

    Anywho...good for you, she's vile.

  2. ^Seriouly! Ugh. What a prick! I don't mind complaining, but after awhile you just want to said shhh you know. Like geez, she needs get over it! EA might of banned her. Haven't seen her since. Hopefully MTS kicks her out soon for you guys sakes.

  3. To add I wouldnt even mind her complaining much if she wasnt so rude to everyone disagreeing with her. She does need calm down though. A bit psycho.


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