Wednesday, October 27, 2010

First day with Late Night- Part 2

I have decided to start off with a regular band first and see how that goes. I made all them in CAS earlier today. I did have to cheat to get the apartment, because all the apartmarts offered were too small and only had only one bedroom. My last time cheating for them. Just thought they needed a little help. Anyway, I like to think of them as Alternative rock band.
Thick as Thieves
Always thought be cool to call a band that!

Max London- Lead guitarist and singer (need a mircophone EA!)
Ricky Times- Guitar
Martin London (twin brother of Max) on the piano. Also their manager.
Sammy Lee on the drums

Sammy and Ricky both dancing on the counters!

Ever rockband should have bubbles. ;P

Next time I play, they will be doing their first gig! :)
P.S. Might give them a makeover. Spice them up a little!


  1. pretty cool band ^_^
    they are coming along nicely :)

  2. Cool band XP
    Late night looks great! Dancing on the cool...

  3. Thanks. They are a lot fun! Just did my first gig with them. :)

  4. Great looking band Vid. I'm yet to try that one out :D Looks like too much work XD I'm busy playing with Vampires and turning half the city :D

  5. Aw, thanks! I'm saving vampires for the next thing I do I think. Bands are really fun! You should try it.


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