Monday, October 18, 2010

Late Night ramblings! No not the time, the game!

I want Late Night so bad!!!
First thing to do when Late Night is installed....

-Make a vampire band called the Lost boys! xD
-Attack townies with my vampire gang/band
-Make vampire version of my avi and upload it
-Make a household devoted to my love of Interview with a Vampire. Lestat!!! Louis!!!
- Make cool shape pool
-Make my avi do the bar tending career
-Make Shane do the music career and make a regular indie band with made over townies
-Explore the rest of the game has to offer- can't remember all the features >_<
-If no serious glitches, die of happiness till the next ep

Do I seem obsessed with Vampires? Nahhhh!
P.S. Steal my band name and will hit something!

Share your band names and ideas here:


  1. first thing im gonna do is vampify my legacy heiress. XD
    (shes my curent avi on EA forum)

  2. I love your avi Zeri! Meant to tell you.
    I'm goin make my avi a vampire to celebrate LN.

  3. Hell. Yeah. This EP is gonna be awesome!


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