Thursday, October 28, 2010

Vanity Cycle 1 almost done! New comp and Vanity Cycle coming!

I'm keeping my new comp idea hush hush till LN goes world wide on 29th I believe. Not sure. Going wait till next month maybe. Want everyone to have a chance. Hopefully no one does it before I do. Will take the fun out it. >_<

Well 4 assignments left for Vanity Cycle 1! I'm going do Vanity Cycle 2 still. I will probably start the new comp first, then start Vanity Cycle 2 a little afterward depending on how things go. Yes, I will probably juggling two along with being in Modifed, but I think can handle it. Vanity will start with 15 contestants and cut it down to 12 in sign ups like last time most likely (we ended keeping 14 actually).

The new comp might not be as long as Vanity. According to how many people sign up. Start it off 10 and go with 12 the max. Going reserve 2 spots for people who I know will join. ;) Still thinking on how scoring will go and if I will have judges. If you want to know what my new comp will be, please pm me at Simians.

Also judges if your reading this, need scores. Be playing LN while I wait. :)

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