Monday, October 11, 2010

Who thought gifting would be this dramatized!

Note: My movie plans were a no go. Next weekend.
They supposely used this hidden url/button to get points for free.

First off I would like to say WTH! I really have no idea what's going on anymore! I had no idea this button existed!
Kerby admitted to this, but what about everyone else. I'm so confuse and not going point fingers at anyone. Heck, if I saw free simpoint button, I would have pushed at least once. Who wouldn't?! Not to say it was right, but just wow. 0_o Hopefully TMN or someone will shine some light on this. I'm still trying grasp who's who at the moment.

P.S. EA is incredibly stupid to have this button around! They could at least hid it better! Morons!


  1. i never saw this button, or i probalby would have used it too. unless there was a big sign somewhere telling ppl DO NOT PUSH THIS BUTTON
    how would most ppl know it was 'illegal' to do so?
    unless you had to do some secret special thing to acsess it.
    still, its just EA not knowing how to run their site, AGAIN

  2. IKR? Its so...confusing. I'd never of guessed that such drama could come from an internet forum, especially with a game like the sims. I agree, EA should of been more careful with this "button", though I suppose none of us really know how someone came to find it. It could of been a simple URL, or something more...devious.

    Still, I think it was wrong for the option to be abused as much as it did. I admit I would of used it just to see if would work. But I probably would be too scared to use it afterwards. Lol.

    Still, EA should really moniter their website more. Even to create such an option was silly, nothing is ever hidden on the internet if you have the right skills. I assume the option was there for the gurus.

  3. Where is this url we speak of? xD

  4. ^It got taken down. D: I wouldn't have went on a gifting spree with it. Been harder to get caught if used it in small amounts.

    Someone figured out the code/url to make the free simpoint button pop up. It was for the gurus to gift and such. The smart thing to do instead of have hidden page, would be to give the gurus a allowerace of points every month through pm and other means. EA is such a fail!

  5. LOL! Sorry but that is hilarious! "Simpoints, download: Free" WHY on earth would there be a download simpoints for free button!?!? That's like putting a blow up the engine butting inside a car D:<

  6. ^EA just fails all the time. I'm not even surprise anymore by them! lol

  7. Quite frankly the people on the forum that are acting all high and mighty with their so-called morals are liars. We are all human. Humans by nature are driven by temptation and greed. They can not honestly say that they wouldn't have clicked that at least once if not for the chance to gain something for nothing but just out of curiousity as to whether they could gain something for nothing.

    Still. I find it absolutely hilarious at the naivety of EA. Seriously, are they not aware of how crappy their website is? Geez! I'm amazed it didn't happen sooner.

    Sure it's technically theft but I'm not going to look down on them for it. As far as I'm concerned the only thing they did wrong was get greedy, blatantly flaunt their ill-gotten gains for a fleeting taste of popularity and get themselves caught in the process ;)

  8. @Darkslayer,

    I reject your accusation of being called a liar. Accept the fact that there are those with higher standards than yourself. No one said they were without fault, just saying they aren't tempted by a shiny little green button :)

  9. shiney.. button.....oooooooo

  10. I resent that statement, Dark. I would not do it. I'm a 26 year old who knows the difference between right and wrong, and I have the self control to not follow through with a temptation that WILL 100% get you CAUGHT.

    However, at the same time, I'm not on some moral high horse either. You clickie the little button and you get banned? That's your fault, while at the same time, EA really needs to get their shit together and actually pay attention to their site, and all of this simply could have been avoided.

    All parties are at fault, and by all parties, I mean those who have actually been proving guilty, which would be EA and Kerby. Until more proof appears, I don't have an opinion on the rest with the exception that I hope that they didn't follow in Kerby's footsteps and don't deserve the flack they are catching right now.

  11. this may not be true, but I was under the impression that alexurt was in fact friends with one of the moderators on the site in real life. And as some people have mentioned, this free button may have been placed in order for gurus and moderators to gift and so I was thinking that maybe, alexurt found out about this button from her friend.

    This may be false, as I have no proof, but I just wanted to point it out

  12. ^hmmm...interesting. I really dont kno whats goin on. I'm not going point any fingers on this one.


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