Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Noooooooooo! Why? Vanity!!!! *shapens dagger*

Waring: Bad words and reeks of anger!!!!

Vanity Assignment 8:

Doesn't exsist? Are fucking with me? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! * sobs and falls over*
This absolutely horrible!!!! We only needed two people to turn pictures in!!! I'm so fucking angry right now! If knew where EA offices were, I would go there just beat the shit out of who ever deleted my thread! I hate you EA! I hate you for this! Fucking idiots!
That's not only thing wrong with shit site! When I post a thread now, it has to be approved! Then forum index looks like EA threw it up! What is wrong with you people? Site maintenance is suppose fix things, not make things worse! You better gift me mods, because that ani't good enough huns! Do you know how long and tedious scores are?! Do how annoying it is to repost your picture and have retype the story you made? Nooo! You be ashamed of yourselves! Were you drunk last night? No, your just fucking stupid! I better see my thread back up or you will lose the dot of respect from you I got from seeing Late Night!

You might have riot hands, because if other comp host threads are deleted, I won't be only person you need to worry about!

P.S. Getting Nic to do your dirty work won't save you from my wrath!


  1. Maintenance my A$$, they were trying to put up more garbage to sell and advertise.
    If they ever truly did maintenance on this site it wouldn't be so screwed up.
    I follow only 2 threads on that site and both those threads are now gone.
    I can only imagine how frustrating this is to the people who started these threads.

  2. I was there last night...there were mods eveywhere...and when you tried to post a topi it was added to a list waiting moderator approval...idk what was happening but it was scary

  3. It still does that approval thing on SM. Very weird and annoying.

  4. Well, I see two sides to all this.

    All those Moderator names don't mean jack. All they are are mods for languages. The Mod Eng is the only one that'll likely be moderating anything, and that's with the mods like Ruth and Nic.

    As for all the extra moderation, I don't necessarily disagree with it. The forums have been in need of someone who actually SEES the trolling and takes steps to render the trolls inert, or report it to the gurus, whatever or however it happens. Jarsie has apparently been perma-banned (the last I heard), and if that was because of new moderation, then I apply the new moderation whole-heartedly, as it was ABOUT TIME.

    However, the big fuck up when it comes to threads like Vanity being deleted, then yeah, major fuck-up on EA's part and I would be just as pissed too, and you know me. I extremely dislike EA.

  5. ^Hehehe *continues to sharpen dagger* Grr...


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