Friday, October 22, 2010

EA impersonators: Hackers or a cover up? *updated for TMN*

Well, well, about time you told us what the hell was going on!

So to believe or not believe, that is the question! Well we all know EA wasn't going recover anything as their too stupid to back up anything, but I bet no one expected this!

Theory #1: It's true!
 EA security is so sucky that hacker got into it. They deleted well known, loved threads and threads of people who were of some popularity, so everyone could be against EA! They either could of did this to get back at EA or to get back at people who were effected.
-Vanity, a few other comps, building, and legacies were effected.
-From what I know not many comp threads (I could be wrong)
-Seem to be spread out and specific folks that were still active on the forums.
- We got no nonfiction of site maintenance

Ok, this could be true as we all know how EA are. They just recently had a few people hack into their hidden simpoint button for EA employees.

Could this be grudge from disgruntled member or ex member of the forum getting back at EA? Or is this the acts of someone trying to get revenge with a few people while deleting other people's threads to cover their tracks?

Theory #2: Lets lie and save our tails!
People were very angry with EA over this. I for one was and still are in a way. EA could be trying to get out this for LN is coming out and angry customers are no good! Anyway, lets think back....
Remember, that site maintenance? They said it was accident done doing site maintenance. So how the hell we get from accident to hacker? Was EA scared of the backlash simmers would unleash when they realize they couldn't bring their threads back and would have to announce it? Did they play victim card to get out of this? People are already fed up with them and admitting to their mistake could cost them. Back pedaling and blaming it on a hacker could be all this is. The sticky sure disappeared quite quickly and took them days to announce this, when it only could took them a few minutes to find this out. Then hacking in general. Hacking into accounts, even EA's could not be so easy. If that's the case why did they chose to delete just threads? Why not ban, delete, and hack into accounts? Scary thought, but deleting threads isn't that bad as what a real hacker can do.

Either theory could be true. They didn't let us know about site maintenance, which was strange and could prove theory 1. Though we don't know how big maintenance was. Could been routine and something went wrong on their part, proving theory 2. Either way were screwed if think about it. If hackers can get in that easy, then were all in trouble if EA doesn't step up security. Then if it's theory 2, then EA is really that incompetent and the forum libel to see more crap due to their stupidity! EA is really quite dumb in any case to let this happen! What's next? I don't even want to think about it!

Well whatever happened they succeeded in pissing me off deleting Vanity's assignment 8 thread. I did have a back up of the assignment and scores, so it wasn't total loss. Thankfully I have blog as well for modeling or some would of been loss. Unfortunately, I can't say that for my contestants and their stories. Anyway.....

Lesson of the day back up everything! In blogs or just in personal files! Back up your threads because EA isn't going do it for you!

This also is very possible! This can fit into theory 2 kinda. They wanted clean up the forum for LN and decided to free it up randomly deleting threads making it look like a accident. Then when they saw we weren't going let it fly this time, they created the hacker story. Hmmm......interesting.  


  1. If them wanting to delete threads is true, WHY oh WHY don't they freakin delete the old ones! It would save HEAPS of trouble! People wouldn't get harassed for bumping old threads (or banned), they wouldn't have to lie, and it would have the same fuckin effect! Ea never thinks productively, in fact, they don't "think" at all!!! >:(

  2. They should've just delete Jarsie's posts. It would clear 90% of the forum. :P

  3. because, dear paco, that might HAVE MADE SENCE.
    and this is EA were talking about ;P

  4. Hmm. Either way you choose to look at this EA is still screwed.

    On the one hand; should it actually be genuine and somebody managed to gain access to admin controls then this once again draws attention to the lax security on the site. A site that also hosts the store - and all its customers bank/credit card details. Do simmers want their details to be in the hands of a site with such lax security?

    On the other hand; if this is one big lie spun to cover their own backs because they didn't want another cry of outrage from simmers ala the culling announcement and all that nonsense about the simpoint button then they're just acting like cowards and I suspect the lie will incite more anger than the truth ever would.

    There is certainly evidence to support both theories. Either way EA is pretty fucked XD

  5. Yeah, I think if anyone were to hack the forums, it would be in retaliation to EA, and therefore, Guru & Mod threads would be deleted instead of regular stickies and popular threads.

    I don't buy EA's bullshit.


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