Sunday, October 24, 2010

Another pair of Bad CC shoes! Haven't been listed yet!

Another special Sunday update!!!
More bad cc!
From a known site and my favorite shoes. :(
Note: I did upload a sim with these, but luckily .package files don't tranfer. No worries. 


The site and exact download page:

They only seem to effect certain full outfits. I guess ones with more than 2 color channels. Note, I didn't test the male ones. They come for both genders.

I do know for a fact it's the shoes. When I changed the color, it changed the spot/patch!

I really love those shoes and I did trust this site. I'm sure it's a mistake. If it's a way to contact them, please let me know or let them know of this. It would be nice if they fix the problem and fix these. I may have test more of their shoes. I have one more pair from that site.

Anyway, Roxy seem to my guniea pig for this stuff. Package files don't transfer cc thankfully, so no worries. If downloaded these shoes though, get rid of them. I notify crinrict on her thread. Hopefully she will check them out and add them to her list.

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