Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bad CC is bad! *contains important and helpful info*

I'm going post this before I forget again! D: Well, if hadn't heard I was trying rid my game of bad cc last weekend. I kept getting my sim wearing these shoes below in the shower!
Was slightly annoying and just weird! Then a lovely simmer pointed me to this thread:
Then I went to this lovely blog...
Come to find out I had these shoes:
Converse Low Ivory

Well I got these things of course from the exchange! Now you see why I don't like the exchange. Well this is why. I totally hate it and thats not the first time something bad snuck in my game either! Anyway I thought my worries were over and was pretty sure my sim would be back to normal. Well that didn't happen...
My reaction: Ahhhhh!!!! Why???? *sobs*
Back to the crappy unorganized launcher to sit for hours looking for high heels!
 Well by this time, I was deleting pretty much everything that look suspicious. I also removed my package folder. Then I found these jeans....
Deleted those and thought maybe this will make a difference! Go back into the game and oh look...
Jeans and the same high heels?! *faints* What is going on here? Well after I went on deleting spree and deleted everything not store content. I go back into the game to see get same result over and over. I was about to give up! Then I found this....
I simply used google and found it.
"Reset Sim to Nude

If you had removed the clothing item or edited its options, cleared caches but the problem still remain, even withthe Sim now snapping back to default EAxis clothing, a manual "Plan Outfit" action may be needed.
To reset your Sims back to the nude state when showering, "Plan Outfit" and set all the clothing in each category back to EAxis defaults. Then while you have the Sim wearing each clothing category, have him take a shower to verify the nude state has been reset to default."

It actually worked! The high heels and jeans in the picture were the default EA stuff actually. I think the bad cc must through the game out of it's regular setting of "nude in shower" or something. Never would of thought of this ever! I don't think too many know of this either, which is why posting it.

Lesson we learned here: Do not download from the exchange at less you know the person is very careful with stuff like this and when in doubt google. xD Serioulsy, the link above will save any future headaches also. Check for that stuff, especially if download from the exchange.


  1. EA exchange, BOOO

    thanx for the tip, ill keep that in mind.

  2. EA's exchange = Mega failure...


  3. Yeah the EA exchange is kind of fail. I do upload my sims there but I use .package files which don't transfer and I never download from there - it's just too risky.

    You're a great storyteller though - you made it sound so amusing.

  4. I didn't have that problem with the Rusty's jeans or at least it didn't happen yet. Good thing the other simmer tipped you off.

    The exchange sucks. I don't download anything from there unless it's a neighborhood I can't find anywhere else.

    Good luck with your game!

  5. This is exactly why I despise the exchange.

  6. Thanks Chi! Yeah, I despise it as well. Ugh.

  7. I'm really glad you got it working.  You're quite welcome! Anytime. :)

  8. okay, i already resolve the problem. thank you, thank you :D

  9. Hi there! Go to the dresser, change all the clothes she/he has on. Everyday, Formal, swimwear, spotwear and sleepwear. Change everything including the shoes. Make sure the bad cc is gone first and you should be fine. When you change all their clothes it resets their nude state.

    Hope that make sense. Done this 3 times now, so it should work.

  10. i am having the exacly same problem. i dont speak english very well, and i am not understanding the proceed of "Reset Sim to Nude :s what it is EAxis?


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