Wednesday, October 27, 2010

First day with Late Night- Part 1

EA really likes boobs! Pretty much all the townies have huge racks!
Love her outfit!

Mmm...burnt. Mirrors my own cooking skills!
Vampire Celeb....
another celeb!

Bite me!!!
A cute Vampire...
I love his face! So funny!
Doing her stripper moves! 0_o
Getting a autograph!
Another cute Vampire!
Shouldn't you be at work?
Turning (takes 3 days)....
Next is hunting, but.....
Part 2 with my human band, Thick as Thieves!


  1. nice pics...your sim looks cool as a

  2. Great pics, vid! I love the new version of yourself!

  3. OMG that looks so cool.

    Ngh! I must be strong and wait! Even if I do buy LN now I'll have to remove so much CC. It's not worth the work XD

  4. ^ Oh trust me it is SOOOO worth removing the CC for! I had to remove all my non-default skintones and couple of hacks and I wasn't happy, but once I started playing, I realised it was so worth it! It's by far the best ep!

  5. ^Agreed! :) The male hair is um...ew, but the sims look better and the clothes are nice. Some of the female hair is nice also.


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