Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Technical problems!

I'm having off and on problems with the computer at the moment. When I'm in CAS sometimes, it goes to black screen/crashes. If make anything, it will be small stuff. As I said it's off and on kinda thing. Sometimes I get lucky. sometimes I don't. Today I didn't. Just note that making sims is extremely fustrating when your wondering when your computer going crash next. I don't think it's the game, so I'm have to fix it myself.

P.S. Hamsterlover, everytime I almost finished your sim it crashes! I guess I'll be done soon. I saved part of my work before it crashed last. >_<


  1. It could be several things. RAM, graphics card, the last time you defragmented. How much RAM you got? What's your graphic card? And when's the last time you defragmented? :P

  2. Hi Vid, maybe you can have a look at this.
    It worked for me !! No crashes anymore ! :D

  3. ^I haven't tried any of that stuff. I use to do the defragment thing, but I forgot with this computer. >_< Going try everything.

    I'm looking to see how much RAM I got now. hmm...

  4. Well your RAM is fine. Which Nvidia Geforce GTS though? There should be numbers after it.

    In any case, I would recommend defragmenting, and I would recommend doing that overnight, as it can take awhile, depending on how much stuff you have on your computer and such.

    We're heading to bed early for tonight. If you have any extra problems or questions, you can email me if you like. Also try and see how Eva's recommendation goes and see if that helps.

  5. NVIDIA Geforce GTS 240! Sorry.

    I don't have a lot things. Just sims, another game, music, and bunch pictures. Might not take long. Thanks though. I'll email you if none of this works. Hopefully it does.
    Goin try Eva advice also. Thanks Eva.:D

  6. No. Didn't work. Going try cleaning the fans inside. Been awhile. I think its overheating and shutting off.

  7. Hey Vid.
    Have you tried using this tool?


    3booter and FPS limiter(First two posts)

    I had the same problem with my GTS 240. And using 3booter as well as the fps limiter stopped the overheating/crashing problem. It may be worth a try.

  8. The tool also made my computer a lot quieter while playing. Sims 3 was making my computer fan work like crazy. Sounded like a plane taking off. :P

  9. I just did Sam! Hopefully works! Going test it little later.

  10. Good luck! I hope it works. If you want to see if the tool is actuelly working just check your fps. If it is constantly on 30/31(Or lower), then the tool is working! :]

  11. Didnt work. Might have did it wrong. I'll Pm u. Plus I didn't know how to check if it was working.


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