Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'm going be up all night with Late Night!

By time my father comes in with Late Night, it will be another day, 12am. My father said he would pick it up on his way out. I knew if he was going out after he would get it! Even though he's taking forever to bring it, he absolutely amazing! I didn't even have beg or to hint too much this time. I owe him one. I really do! Whenever he gets back, I will try install it. If it gets too late though, I'll do it later/tomorrow. I'm hoping I don't have uninstall everything, but I have a feeling might. I don't mind as long as it works. I just want to play so badly and after day like today, it be nice to play finally.

Thank you to Em, Catz, and Paco from keeping from going into deep depression. Vid with no LN is very sad girl!

P.S. My father just came in with it just as I was typing!!!!! He said it was sold out at one Best Buy! Damn!!!!! Maybe I do have some luck! :) Now I'm debating if should trying installing it tonight. Keep you updated!

Update: Got it installed and no longer crashes. More later! Night.


  1. Stop MOCKING ME!

    jk XD I can't get it till tomorrow. But yeah, keep us posted! :D

  2. Btw, I'm glad you were able to get it! I hope your day/new day gets better/starts off good, haha

  3. YAY, I'm glad ya got it.

    I've only redone my simself and Arashi(for the third time) and moved them into one of the highrises. Next up, making them vampires . .after work, lol.

    And you're welcome Vid. Have Fun!

  4. Glad I could be of service vid.
    I still have only played it for 10 minutes.Not sure when or if I'll play today.
    My daughter finally got her sim moved in to a house without the game crashing only to have it crash when she tried to go anywhere. Not sure if that's been fixed or not.
    Have fun with you Vampires.


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