Wednesday, October 6, 2010

VKSL awards nominees for Fail/facepalm of the year!

The Fail/Facepalm award
For the fail that was too epic to be ignored!

EA: The Sim site is down, but wait Spore???
Poptart: No you didn't just say that?!
EA: EA's late night typo!

Wow EA sweep the board in facepalm moments this year. Big surprise! wink Pictures, Images and Photos Vote and anymore you think of?


  1. Jarsie's accusation of that one woman and that she was lying about her cancer, the cause of her strange writing style.

    It was a fail, and one that made me very mad.

  2. that spore thing was funny, i remember thinking WTF??

    those ppl dont have a clue what they are doing haha


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