Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I'm not going say I'm back again, so I'll say this...

I did say I was giving up this blog, but running away won't make me feel better or make this situation any better. Your comments are right. All I can do is apologize and learn from my very stupid mistake. I feel quite dumb saying I'm leaving to only return though, but I'm here. Next time, it's best not to believe me.

Yazzie again I am so sorry. I feel like a bully and jerk, because that was on my own decision to post that and I felt like I help stir things up. I didn't mean to do that by any means. I was only concerned. I know I screwed up though. I won't deny my mistakes. The only reason I was led to believe that was that I thought JK as highly and thought they might be something to those rumors. My biggest mistake believing in gossip.

I will also like to say that I never accused anyone and JK you should know better. To speak of me that way, I was in utter shock. I almost stooped down your level and commented, but I don't really care anymore. I'm just extremely disappointed and just fed up with people stabbing me in the back. Someone I actually looked up too, going as far as to hurt me and discredit me in her blog, when I've done nothing to her in first place. I'm just beyond disgusted. I was willing to give her a chance, but after that I'm done.

Anyway, I expected many to hate me after this. I was even expecting to lose some followers. I was willing to accept it all too, because I deserve some flack for this. I can not say sorry enough. Thank you for remembering I'm human and I do make mistakes to those who are still here for me.

As for Em, I admire your resilience and your strength in this, despite having such a major part When I was going nuts and beating myself up over it, you were there tell me it was ok. Thank you. Cat, Zeri, AE, everyone who commented also deserve some thanks as well. Also you guys too at Mares.

I really do hope Yazzie will be ok after this. I really do wish her well and that was the only person I'm concern about now. I think we all learn from this though.

And this is my last say on the matter. I won't say anymore and sorry, but I couldn't help posting this. If someone wants make a drama out of this. They can go ahead, but they will be getting ignored by me. You know what my response is to people like that anyway. One finger corresponds with that.

I've had enough with drama, so don't expect anymore post like this. The sky will literally have to be falling before I report on anything drama-worthy. If no one is dying I could care less! Back to work!

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