Friday, January 7, 2011

Well since we're crap, TS3 CC won't be hosting her stuff anymore...

Warning: This post contains foul language!
I have deleted all of Ruthless stuff from the TS3 CC gallery site. MS3B will be happy to post her stuff, I'm sure. They are happy deal with the troll element, so why not host a two face useless mod! I was half sleep last night when I read Mare, so this is the extended version of my last post. She is abusing her power as a mod as Em stated in her post here. She can post her lots in general, but we can't post our stuff in general without it being moved? Along with that she clearly has the time to be in General, but Miss Useless KK can't bother to do anything about the trolling in the forums. You should be fired as a mod or for the sake of the community step down. You won't though, because you love the power and if it gets you a free pass to show off your lots in general, then who gives us shit about us! If I get banned for posting my complete disgust with you, then so be it. I will come back and I will make sure you get your walking papers! I'm crap? Well your nothing, but shit under my shoe! Piss off you complete useless moron! And here's a tip, if your don't want Mare to find out your a hypocrite and downright toerag, don't say it on a public chat. Only morons do that!


  1. I musta missed out on something. I like Ruthless. I didnt even know she was a mod. Oh well, try not to get tied up in it all.


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