Monday, January 24, 2011

For The Love of Roxy Episode 7-The Finale!

All the eps in order listed here!
Note: I know the ending is probably cheesy, but ah well. xD

A week has gone by and Roxy has had time to make difficult decision of picking her bachelor. 
The guys wait at their home for Roxy to make the final decision. They also got makeovers! :P
Kalvin: Just wanted to say good luck!
Kalvin: I think you got in the bag.
Shane: thanks!
So now it's time to choose!
Roxy: Lovely getting to know you and our date was great! I really had a fun time with you and your very sweet!
Kalvin: Aw, I'm glad.
Roxy: *wispers*
Shane: hmm...
Roxy: I had a blast with you Shane and you're a really cool guy!
Shane: Thank you. Was a pleasure to get to know you.
Roxy: Well...
Well she can only have one!
And only one gets to stay!

Roxy: Shane...stay. Kalvin, sorry.
Kalvin: I knew it. Good luck you two! *groans*
Shane: I won?!
Later that night.....

Shane: Will you marry me?
The End
Awwww...a cheesy, but happy ending. :P My next story won't be so nice and written more like a book. I almost feel bad for Kalvin. Spinoff? Hmm..think about it, but to be honest kinda over this one. Ready to move on. 

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