Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I have no clever title for this...so I'll just say RAWR!

So far 4 people have murder me in their games! I hope they played the kazoos while she met her untimely demise! 5, can't say. Hopefully they aren't doing anything naughty to her. >_< 3 couldn't bother to use her for anything. Oh well. ^_^ And only one treated her like the ranting ban queen she is.

I'm remodeling the customs blog still. It's starting to really grow on me. At first it looked it little too bright and pink, but I need something bright as this one is so dark.

My newest sim...
We need more African Amercan sims and I need mix it up on my blog, so she won't be the last. Once the exchange is fixed, I will add her along with some favs of mine. My studio is bit empty. You can find her on my blog for now.

And the Mare Nest Award results are so close. I wish my best to everyone nominated! I practically voted for everyone myself. ^_^

P.S. My mixpod is pissing me off! Some of the songs won't play. Grrr....


  1. I love her, especially the sailor outfit!

  2. that sim is really cute ^_^

    i dont actualy have your simself in my game.. i wonder if i should download and torment you muahaha

  3. ^aw, meanie! lol :P
    *waves* Hi Zeri!

  4. I killed her in every way possible.


  5. ^Oh so mean! Muderers! LOL :P

    *waves at Cooklez*


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