Friday, January 14, 2011

Louis and Claudia so far...

They were incredibly easy since Brad Pitt was already in my studio and making kids is actually easy. I may try using a different skin, but things should change when they are vamps. Not sure if kids can be vamps without being born in game. I hope so. I also can't find decent hair for her. Well the main two are Louis and Lestat. Lestat is being a pain to make by the way. Stay tune....


  1. Holy shit, that's freakin' awesome. O.O

    Great job!!

  2. This might help with the hair?


  3. they look amazing!! and heres a tip on getting Cladia to be a vamp. upload or download a child who is ALREADY a vamp, then alter her appearence to be that of claudia, and she will already be a vamp. find one with the appropriate traits because if you change them, her vampyness will go away (since its a hidden trait)

  4. OMG guys thank you so much! ^_^ This is definitely pumping me up to go back and make Lestat!

    @Kélèya You have officailly won yourself a internet hug for linking that hair. That will definitely work!

    @Zeri So I can get one from the exchange and edit in CAS? :o I would need find a safe one as I'm still being careful from the last time I got something nasty from the exchage. >_<

  5. Those look awesome, Vid! I was just wondering where you got your CAS background (or whatever it's called O_o) from? It looks awesome :P

  6. ^

    Just choose one. ;)


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