Sunday, January 16, 2011

I am terrible with stories, but.. (rambling on a Sunday, I know)

I suck at making stories and keeping to them. If I get bored with something, I just have hard time going back to it. I'm going try finishing Roxy, before this other story I have in mind. Yes, another story...

 Now that I have the characters of Interview with a Vampire pretty much finish, I'm going try make a story base off of them. Kinda like a alternative story if certain events didn't come about.

#1 Idea is that Claudia never tried to kill Lestat and they lived on to this century. That now they are trying to adjust to moderm century city life.

#2 Idea I had, was that Claudia manage to escape the coven and get to the city. That Lestat is still furious with her, but still feels slighty guity that he almost got her killed and wants Louis desperately to come back. Claudia doesn't know of Lestat's doings, but still hates him. She decides to come back with Louis after a many years and centuries as the old coven is still looking for her. They live on trying to adjust to moderm times and trying forget their past differences.

I am planning to do Armand as well and have him appear in this story if I can make him. Him appearing in the first idea might be a problem since technically wouldn't have met, but we'll see.

So 1 or 2? Or a mixture of both? Neither? lol I've wanted to write fanfic of them, so been thinking of putting it together with my love of sims. I know the author banned fanfic, I will probably title it something else. Really just a sims story. >_<

P.S. I would like to make Daniel too, but the movie Daniel is meh.


  1. I say.. Number 2. Totally looking forward to it!

  2. ^Already wrote chapter 1. Just need pics and might name somethig it else. Doing it much different from the last story I wrote. Really excited! :D

  3. Hehe. Thanks for commenting. I was beginning to worry when I saw none. :P

  4. I think it'd be a cool story. ;)


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