Monday, January 17, 2011

For the love of Roxy Episode 5- Shane's big date!

Sorry it's been awhile. As I said before, I have hard time sticking with stories and rather than write this half heartily I rather take a break on it. I never planned to drop it though as I saved these pictures for when I felt it was about time to end it. Epidsode 7 will be the last epidsode, so only 2 more!
Note: The shoes she wears in this epidsode are bad cc, in case you were looking at them.
Shane: Could of swore it was standing?
Roxy: So me and Shane will be going on a solo date today!
Roxy: So where you taking me?
Shane: Let's go drinking!
Roxy: Sounds good to me!
Kalvin: Hmm....
Kalvin: All alone..*sniff sniff* I'm not crying...
Kalvin: Stupid Shane!
Shane: Finally a real date!!!
Shane: Wanted dance?
Roxy: Sure!
Roxy: Let get some beers!
Shane: Be right back! Bathroom...
Still pouting!

Shane: Hey I'm back!
Shane: Do you mind if...
Roxy: *giggles*
Roxy:  Hehe, Let's go home!
Kalvin: So how was your date?
Shane: Perfect! 
Kalvin: What the hell does that mean?
Shane: Don't worry about it!
Kalvin is next! Will Kalvin top Shane's successful date? Will he get a kiss? Find out on the next episode as it comes to a end. Who will she pick?!

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