Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bored on a Saturday, Band pics of win!

*click the pics to enlarge*
I gave my band Thick as Thieves a makeover! The lead singer has the most drastic change. ^_^ 

Speaking of bands, battle of the bands has offically began here!
Anyone who wants to sneak in still, can. I will be allowing it till the 2nd assignment is posted.


  1. Epciness =D

    I have a sim band. They're good times let me tell you! I would do stuff like that with them for fun but i'm totally and completely lazy :P

  2. Thanks.

    The first pic was me playing around/trying to get a good idea for a theme and the 2nd is for my comp's first assignment.

    And laziness wins. *currently being lazy* :P


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