Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Poll Results: What have you done to my avi/sim?

What have you done to my avi/sim? I'm scare to ask, but...
A. I gave her a good life! :) 5 (12%)

B. I killed her of course! Bwhahaha! 8 (20%)

C. I can't say... 14 (35%)

D. Sitting in my sim bin still 12 (30%)

Well it seems most can't say or have her sitting in the sim bin. I was expecting more to kill her, so it's nice see something else win. I know I'm not the most liked, so I was kinda expecting A. Glad I asked, even though "can't say" could be anything. Oh well. Was just asked out of curiosity. Thanks for voting. :)

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