Monday, January 24, 2011

Just in case, you didn't notice....

I added a new page for Stories as The Roxy Tab will be replace with the new story. You can find all the episodes under that page. The Roxy story was me just getting my feet wet with this kinda stuff and I honesty got bored with it after awhile. Just not enough romantic interactions and I was running out of ideas. The ending is cheesy, but couldn't think of another way to end it. No matter what, I think it would be cheesy as it was a spoof of those type of reality shows.

A sneek peek of the next one...
The blond vampire set down at the classic piano with a smile on his face. It was a night like every other night. Alone as always now, but something about tonight felt different. It was if he was expecting visitors.

He continue to play as the night went on and then he sensed the present of another immortal or immortals in this case. 'Should we greet them?' he thought smirking to himself.

Now I'm still struggling with picking the name, but this is the opening of it. Thoughts? I plan on make this waaayyy better than my last story if you can tell.


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