Thursday, January 20, 2011

The sky is falling, because someone got caught in a lie!
"I just needed to talk to them about something, and I swear it's nothing bad/evil. Miracle, Darian and I just need to talk to them and clear something up. I assure you no one will be thrown under the bus and no will get hurt in the process of the e-mail. "
Do I need post anymore to make this clear to you? Lies!!!! All you did was harass them! It was not some heart filled message! How dare you use me?!

Don't you ever come back to my blog! Don't think about emailing me! You lying good for nothing little twat! Everybody can go back to Cloud Ten and drop dead for all I care. Too many snakes slithering around there for my taste and of all things, Kami now lying to me. The nerve! I don't trust anybody from that site, so you can all say your goodbyes now.  

I'm sick of the drama, but damn you going use me as a pawn for it! You don't deserve the pleasure of getting away with lying to me! You don't deserve the dirt from off my damn shoe! Piss off!

By the way, Kelle keep your pet away from my blog! Do you see me going on your blog harassing you? No, so you better keep Darian on a chain and fuck off! If I see anymore of you on my blog again, I swear you will be wishing I never knew of your failure of a site! You want attention, well here it is! Enjoy this why it last!
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