Thursday, January 27, 2011

Remind me never to do that again...

I just went that other sims 3 listing site with the anons and became nauseated by reading some of the comments under a very talented creator's post. It just reminded me why I avoid that blog mostly. It also reminded me why I will never add anon comments back on any of my blog and why I ask to be taken off that site in the first place. This creator is on my blog list and I don't know her too well, but she seems like a very sweet person. Keep making clothes and screw those commentors. The more you make, the better you'll get and your making better stuff then me! That's for sure. >_<

Seriously, who made this people experts at cc? Most of them don't even have screen names or have the guts to post under names! Epic Fail! I mean creators want criticism, but adding malice to it crosses the line! *sigh* This excatly why I made my own listing site.


  1. i used that site for quite a long time before i even knew there WAS comments. after hearing so many people upset about it, i went back and read some of them, and i was truly nauseated. i dont think i have ever seen some cruel and shitty behavior toward other people in my life.. especialy completely unwarranted like that. its not like its a debate site, or people are discussing controversial topics.. its cc ffs! those anons need to get a dam life already. there is NO reason whatsoever to treat another human being that way, PERIOD

  2. So true Vid, so true Vid !!
    It used to be a site I visited everyday, now I don't visit it anymore ! Still can get very mad about, Joe not doing anything about it !!
    And very well put Zeri !

  3. I don't see why people get so aggrivated about it. As you, LE, Zeri, etc, have said a bazilliontrillion times, Anons are just kids with nothing better to do. I personally have never been bothered by them, and IMO, if you've got the guts to post CC, have the wits to ignore the anons who give shitablular comments.

    jus' saying :P

  4. I totally agree! I didn't really read comments either till I heard people complaining and I saw for myself. Some of the stuff is completely uncalled for. I personally I like the clothes and and I'm very picky when comes to cc.

    You would think these people were experts though. It's pixels! Like calm down! If you don't like it, don't download it!

    Eva! *glomps* Yes, it still pisses me off too! Cutting anon comments would make things so much better. I thought the site was for cc listing, not for trolling! Like do really need hear what trolls think?

    The only reason why I wanted to added on the site was because of all great cc I found there, but sadly it's not all about cc anymore. The trolls took over.

  5. @Evergreen Many includind myself have tried. One time my stuff was tooken off becuz it got so many negative comments. Also some of those comments are actually criticism and questions, but it's hard to see them through all the malice. Anon are kids with nothing better to do, but they could be easily sent away with a few clicks.

  6. True that Vid! And I never said that. Anons CAN be adults too. Regardless, Anons, especially have on that site CAN be, and not all are, Rude Nasty Pieces of Shit.

    And Evergreen, YOU may not be bothered by craptastic behaviour, but not everyone is like you. Especially those that are just starting out and actually WANT real criticism and not some snot-faced asshole being a total dickhead just because they are hiding. They don't have the BALLS to put a name to those comments. If they did, do you know how many people would chew them up and spit them out?

    What they post is Cruel and Unnecessary. Period!

  7. Vid, this is just a reminder. Do.NOT.Go.Back.To.That.Site.

    This was Only a Reminder. :P

  8. I agree, the trolls are so fail there. I didn't mind her stuff.

  9. @Em Thanks for the reminder. lol And I couldn't of said that better. Too add I went a whole day without commenting, and my post had like 20 or more comments asking to be taken off. Then when I did tell thank for their comments, they came at me like pack of wovles and the next day it was off. My point is you can basically say nothing, and they will troll all over it anyway.

    To ne honest they all need to find a hole to crawl in and stfu. Just freaking cc ffs!


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