Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I am really thinking of creating this household....

I treid doing it awhile back, but we had no vampires at that time. Now we do! Gawd, I would love to make them over, but I'm not sure if have the patience! >_<

Note: Yes, it's one of my obessions! I have been into vamps since forever. Can you blame me? *drools* Curse you Twilight!!!!


  1. Hehe, I dug my old Brad Pitt Sim and made him over into Louis. I already made Claudia, but I need better hair. I just did Tom Cruise and if it looks like him, I'm going give him the Lestat makeover. Hehe, I might post what I did so far. :P

  2. I already see Lestat giving me trouble as Tom Cruise isn't easy! D: Working on it...

  3. Ahhh the only movie I liked Tom Cruise in.
    If you find some nice curly hair for Claudia let me know, Kristin Dunst was so freaken adorable.

  4. So far I can't find any that won't look like crap and a lot them aren't curly enough. Still looking. And lol yeah that's the only moive I like Tom Cruise in too. xD

  5. My favorite movie :)
    Hope you can find a hair for Claudia.
    I can't wait to see them when they are done!


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