Tuesday, January 11, 2011

All year around allergies suck!

I'm completely exhausted today due to my stupid allergy medicine again. Then if I hadn't taken it today, I would have been miserable with all the sneezing and nose blowing. Either way I'm screwed when I need it. Some days I don't need it, but geez when I do I can barely get through the day. Just sucks either way! I could probably go to bed right now and be completely knocked out! It's 9:49, but I'm serioulsy thinking about taking that nap I should of took earlier! >_<

P.S. I have tried everything to keep myself awake all day, but so far I'm failing. *yawns*

To add my feet are cold and my warm slippers had to be thrown away. *cires* Also it's snowing! o_0

1 comment:

  1. I have this problem. I have to take my tablets every morning, but I must be immune to them now or something because they seem to have stopped working.

    I hate drowsy medicine, especially when you have to get up and go somewhere.


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