Friday, January 28, 2011

Yay! Take a peek at my latest simiverse entry....

Turned out exactly like I wanted! I did the movie Avatar and I <3 it! Even if I get eliminated, I will feel awesome for that entry! The editing was actually kinda easy and fun! Hopefully it fits into the assignment. Aliens and Teen vs. parents all in one entry was hard!


  1. Thanks. :P Still nervous, but I had fun doing it.

  2. I <3 it! Great job on the editing :D I like Avatar, too! It sends a really strong message about how we're killing the environment. So does 9. I watched it in class today xD
    Also, I would love it if my blog (Booky Loves Shiny Things!) could be an official The Sims 3 CC Gallery site! I plan on releasing more sims and houses in the future, might even try my hand at making CC, but for now, I've just published my first sim! And I would <3 it if she could be featured on CC Gallery. Linky:

  3. ^Sure. I would love too. We need more people to contribute. :)

    Oh and thanks. Saw Avatar twice already. Didn't expect it to be so good. I'm usually not into too many alien/sci-fi movies. Been kinda hoping to do something with the Avatar cc tho. ^_^


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