Monday, February 20, 2012

My first Unicorn sighting and more game pics!

No relations to Mare's post, but it's funny how similar they are in some of the pics and the title. ^_^

Roxy had a girl named Tori with my other sim Zack Chase.

Didn't think they would get together. Got married even.
Anyway, their daughter just grew up into a toddler. Isn't she adorable?! :D

Random townie. Found him to be interesting. :P
Mikey was invited to yet another party and met this chick.
Isn't she lovely? I just love her outfit. 0_0
Also another one of my simmies showed up. :)
This face made me lol! Classic!

Nick checking himself out in the mirror.
I love having my sims eat out. :D
Another meeting between two of my simmies. :) Awkwardly Roxy's ex and hubby.
Vacination time! First time doing this. Last time I tried, I had floating hair in my view. xD
For shame. Firefighters are suppose to be brave!
This appears universal greeting for all my sims. :P
More vancinations the next day.
Shane (no relations to the walking dead) and Nick playing video games.
Now for the Unicorn!!! I was about to add the fountain of youth to my town as I totally forgot about it and saw the cloud. :)
Since Mikey was fast asleep and Nick was up, I made him go search for it.
I left as I have no room to own a horse and Nick had to go work the next day. Just was nice finally seeing one. I love the effects!
And a random parrot. Almost made one of them run out to get it, but they were both sleep anyways.
And an adorable stray. I might get them a dog soon.
As for Liam's family, they had another baby and it's a boy. When he grows up into a toddler, I'll post pics. Other than that, it's just another lava baby right now. lol


  1. Awesome! Pics if you catch it. :D I thought about befriending it, but maybe next time. ;)

  2. grats on your first unicorn spotting. im currently stalking one with my chinese vampire sim. she has one already (was her mothers) but she wants to catch her own :)


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