Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Grammys and RIP Whitney Houston!

Well the Grammys had interesting vibe to it this year. Part celebratory, part somber. Will get to that later, but I thought for the most part the show was a ok. Adele winning was all kinds of awesome! Was so happy for her! I can't believe she's one year older than me either! Such a old soul, but so freaking talented! Nice to see someone with real raw talent win for once!

Also found it strange Lady Gaga looked normal for once compared to Nicki Minaj. Nicki went too far this time. She appeared on the red carpet dressed in this red nun riding hood getup, with a guy dressed as a pope. Then she had her "Like a prayer" moment involving religion into her performance. Was too much and it made no sense. To me she is trying to be like Lady Gaga and we all know where Gaga gets her inspiration from. They both look silly, but Nicki was really over the top. Nicki can rap, but she needs to stop with this Gaga/Madonna mess. She needs to go back to what she was in beginning in her career and stop trying to shock people. I didn't mind some of the crazy outfits, but that just was too much.

Then people are again complaining about Chris Brown. I understand their point, but it's been 3 years I believe. Why are we still discussing this?! If Rihanna didn't want him there, then she shouldn't of got restraining order lifted. She didn't make a stink about it, so would people please drop it. Geez.

Next, the Whitney Houston tribute was ok. For the time they put it together it was really good. Jennifer Hudson has a amazing voice anyway. Really good they got her to do it.

Whitney death came at a great shock to me. I was completely stunned to hear of her passing. Not a huge fan, but I liked alot of her music and I was hoping to see her make a come back. Singing not so much with how her voice has changed, but in movies. Stars like that always seem to pass when they are getting ready for their comebacks. MJ and Amy Winehouse for example. Just awful to see drugs has took another big star from us. I truly feel sorry for her daughter though. Already had two breakdowns. It's very hard losing a mom. You never get over it entirely. I should know. She has her issues as well like Whitney and the public eye, so it makes even worse. Just sad all way around. I partly blame her digusting ex- husband, but I won't get into that.

RIP Whitney Houston

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