Monday, February 27, 2012

EA: Welcome to Simbook!

It's more worse than I thought. Why the F*** did EA think it was a good job to make everyone comments to each other viewable on everyone pages you friended? Is this your way on spying on us? OMG, I'm just lost for words on how much I hate it! Plus I have migraine from trying read all those comments. Thanks EA. Also good job making it easier for trolls to spam now. We really needed that. -_-

RIP my background
You will be missed!


  1. I still miss my old background. This post reminded me of it. D:  I kinda still hate it, but it's growing on me. We need more filters. Be ALOT better.

  2. Facebook Wannabee. BOW.

  3. I don't know vid. I hated them last night, and find them somewhat entertaining today. It does feel much less private than before and I think people will get tired of their pages being spammed and start deleting friends. I can't imagine the wall will be very useful then.
     Oh, and I'm angry that I can't use the stickers I bought.

  4. it's a sad day :<


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