Monday, February 27, 2012

I have new ipod!!! Woo!

Yes my old classic white ipod has been sent to the retirement home! I brought new usb/wall charger for it yesterday trying to save myself from buying a whole new one. Well plugged it up to the computer with a shiny new usb cord and nothing happen. Charged it, but the computer did not recognize that a device had been hooked up. Now it plays music, but I needed to add music to it. I can't update a playlist if it doesn't know a ipod is plugged up you know? So I stayed up till in 2 in the morning unstalling and reinstalling itunes. Reading different suggestions and got nothing. Went back to Best Buy to return the usb cord and get some more insight. Guy plugged it up to his computer and got nothing. Told me I would have to send it off to get it fix and well I said hell no. It's about 5 years old now? Got it for 18 birthday, so it was getting up there for gadgets.

So my dad and grandmother chipped in and brought me a shiny new black ipod classic! I love it!!!!! :D

Welcome home shiny new ipod
P.S. I had to listen the radio for a week, because ipod usb cord died. Well they play the same damn songs over and over again every hour. Drove me nuts!!!!


  1. I almost brought an ipod touch, but I rarely watch videos on it and I didn't want another touch screen device. It looks really cool though. :D

    And OMG that Rihanna song was stuck in my head for that whole week. Played it every hour. I never heard of that WE7 station though. I might try it. :o 

  2. Congratulations on the new iPod! :D I recently gave up my Classic for an iPod Touch because I wanted to watch videos at the gym and the screen on the Classic was just too small. I traded it in, so hopefully it has gone to another loving home.

    I 100% agree with you about the radio. We have it on at work and I swear I've heard that sodding Rihanna 'we found love' song so much I know the lyrics. I can't stand that song, so over-synthed! UGH! XD

    Have you tried We7? I don't know if it's only available here in the UK but it's an online radio station where it picks music it thinks you'll like. It's actually pretty acurate, I got over an hours worth of epic j-rock!


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