Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Seven Deadly Sins- Assignment 3 and no scores so far...

I'm not sure if I'm getting scores for this. People lost interest in this competition and the host has even moved on it seems, so it's over! D: I suggested a finale, but I can't see that happening.

I wanted to do something fun and scary. I had a caption, but its not my best. xD The picture to me speaks for itself. Reminds me of gothic farie tale almost. Anyway, I did quite a bit of editing for this. I'm getting really good at adding stuff in. The pie, jellow, fork, blood, knife, crumbs, and cookie were all added in. I had empty table when I started. ;) Thoughts?

If I get scores, I'll post them. Just really sucks I did this pic for nothing basically. A lot comp are starting end this way. Kinda depressing. :/


  1. I'll score you ! I give you 100 outta 100 for this one ! This pic is fantastic.  It IS like a gothic fairy tale.  Hehe, I dunno if you've done this on purpose or if I'm just twisted but I can imagine her eating him after she finishes off that pie.  Or maybe even before, he could be the main and the pie for desert, either way, great job !

  2. Oooo I love books like that! That sounds awesome!  I might have to check that out. :o

  3. Heya Vid, awww I'm sorry that sucks.   I thought for sure you'd win this round. 

    This pic reminds me of this book by an Aussie author.  It doesn't sound exciting, but it reads very much like a fairy tale and it's totally enchanting.

    " Consumed is an enthralling story of gluttony, madness, bottled tomatoes
    and a woman who will stop at nothing in her search for the perfect
    recipe."  ..and she goes to extremes all in this fairy book tale.  


    I dunno if there's a Kindle version, but I do recommend this book for a dark twisted but great read.

  4. Thank you so much Seren! I got 2nd for this actually. She ended it finally. Going be honest, Not entirely happy with my score. I guess she didn't get it, but she didn't even give us comments. :/

    Meh I guess it takes a twisted mind to get it. Bwhaha I definitely picture her eating him. Ironically enough I'm trying get those two sims to hook up in my game though. Hehe. As for the picture, it was first thing that popped in my brain when I got the assignment. I have odd mind. xD


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